Social TV Week in Review: The News!

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Social TV Week In Review – Changing the Game

Television is changing in front of our eyes. That might sound dramatic, but then again have you DVR’d something lately? Have you enjoyed Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go? Have you ever watched a program on your computer or tablet? If you can say yes to any of these things then you already know that TV has changed dramatically in only a few short years.

The pace of change is accelerating because new players outside of the traditional TV establishment are reconsidering what TV is and should be. There’s no better evidence of this then in the major stories of the past week, news concerning HuffPost Live, Apple TV and GetGlue to name a few.

HuffPost Live is a new video site that re-imagines how streamed content is watched, seeking to maximize viewer participation in the experience. The Huffington Post’s move is similar to that of Amazon, Google and Netflix in that it is taking full advantage of being able to create original content and release it through its own channels. HuffPost Live further dissolves the line between ‘online video’ and ‘TV’.

Apple TV already brings the web to TV, but apparently the company is in talks with cable operators to allow the device to act as a set top box for traditional TV as well. And if Apple can manage to negotiate the type of a la carte service consumers have come to know through iTunes, it will turn distribution on its head.

It’s not only big companies who are capable of shaking up the mammoth TV industry; small startups are playing a big role too. GetGlue is one of many ‘second screen’ services that satisfies viewers looking to supplement their TV watching experience with additional content and features. The app has just announced an update allowing it to be used as a social programming guide, recommending content based on big data from its 3 million users.

Weather it’s The Huffington Post rethinking the traditional TV station with streaming video and viewer participation at the forefront, Apple rethinking traditional distribution models, or GetGlue rethinking how viewers traditionally engage with TV, each company represents an outsider pushing change on traditional TV from a different direction.

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Social TV Week In Review: Taking Stock of NBC’s “Social Olympics”

NBC’s first ever ‘Social Olympics’ end tonight and with that its time to take a look at what it called a ‘grand experiment’.

The Loss

No sooner had the games begun than #NBCFail became a rallying cry against tape delay. A very vocal online community assailed the network’s decision to keep them from watching live alongside the global community.

The Win

The network landed 1 Billion in ad revenue. When the overnights came in, NBC knew everything was going to be ok. Ratings were at record highs, up over the wildly successful Beijing Olympics.

The Lesson

At the end of the day, NBC executives ruled that live streaming had encouraged primetime tune-in, rather than detracted from it. In other words, those who were watching the games first online were instrumental in convincing the rest of the population to tune in later.

Bearing that in mind, let’s reconsider the ad spending breakdown: Of the 1 Billion spent, only 6% of it was digital!

Primetime TV continues to be the biggest pull for advertisers, but an early adopting, extremely vocal and highly influential audience is getting passed over on digital channels. The promise of Social TV lies is understanding, engaging and measuring this important segment of the population. It’s something to keep in mind for the next time around.

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Social TV Week In Review: The News This Week!

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