Social TV Week in Review: The News!

No time to write this week, but here (as always) are links to to some of the biggest stories. Read on for more general news and new research. Don’t miss stories on Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, TVGuide, apps and networks!


Wale Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi: Who “owns” Social TV trademarks? via MIP Blog

But as the show launched its official and very complete website, it faced a dilemma: should all those fan sites be left to promote the show to their audiences, or be shut down for monetising that same audience (with advertising)?…To change your customers’ habits, you have to offer them added value.

Can second screen make a difference? via Screach 

“If…there are 40,000 engaged through the app, there will be some in that group that will know to go to a certain place. You need to enable these people to inform the rest where to go next.”

What is the future of storytelling? Immersion, interactivity, integration and impact via TNW

…what do audiences actually want? To answer this question, research group Latitude has interviewed 158 early adopters and compiled a report that forms the first phase of its The Future of Storytelling project…Essentially, they want to be able to explore a story in greater depth, and have it reach out of the confines of a single medium and play out in ‘the real world’.

Navigating Second Screen: A Review for Brands via Engauge

Brands should instead leverage these new consumer trends in social TV, companion device viewing and alternative consumption platforms to further extend the reach of their advertising campaigns…Both networks and third-party companies are developing second screen applications, which create both show-specific and show-agnostic platforms. What consumers and advertisers end up with is an incredibly complex and fragmented ecosystem with each serving varying degrees of reach and purpose.

Survey suggests connected TV viewers open to new advertising pitches via FierceIPTV

The connected TV space is evolving in the same way. It’s a space where people are OK with ads because they don’t see very many of them and they interact with ads because they’re curious,”…Not only do they [MVPDs] now risk losing eyeballs to OTT, they risk losing advertising dollars as well if advertisers buy into survey statistics that say “nearly 90 percent of connected TV users notice ads on the platform, particularly pre-roll; the majority of those users have interacted with ads; and nearly one-fifth of users have subsequently purchased a product as a result of an ad they’ve seen on a connected TV.”…”The cable operators are doing just fine still. We’re not seeing that people who are buying these devices are doing it so they can stop paying the cable bill. They continue paying the cable bill; this extends their viewing options,” he said. “They look at these devices as an extension of the channels that are available to them.”

We all have multiple ‘second screens’ via PC Advisor

In the post-terrestrial era you don’t need an aerial or satellite dish to access TV. You don’t even need a TV tuner. And in the post-PC world we have an increasing number of screens dotted around the house via which to watch televisual entertainment. It’s something that worries the makers of expensive smart TVs – very few people use apps on their TVs, and you can access 3D content on much cheaper laptops and PCs.

The Whole Story: 2 Views Of Social TV via MediaPost

While a superficial view of this data may suggest that TV benefits social more than social benefits TV, such a conclusion would be simplistic. The benefits are inevitably flowing both ways. The slice of TV viewing that is concurrent with social media use is only likely to grow in the future, as the sector crystalizes the underlying models and consumer behavior continues to evolve.


Deloitte: second-screen interactions are like eating in front of the TV via IP&TV News

A major new report from professional services firm Deloitte has found that the rise of second-screen interactions (using other screens such as tablets whilst watching TV) is a source of both excitement and concern for many in the TV and technology industry, and observes that some viewers (usually younger ones) take to it very quickly, whilst others would not even consider doing so.

24% of people use second screens while watching TV via Econsultancy

Nearly a quarter of people (24%) use second screens while watching TV and almost half of all 16-24 year olds use communication tools such as messaging, email, Facebook, or Twitter to discuss what they are watching on TV.

Research: TV’s second screen is for talking, not browsing via paidContent

More and more viewers are using companion devices whilst watching television. But new research suggests viewers are keener on some uses for those devices than others. Twenty-four percent of viewers use a second device screen whilst watching TV, according to Deloitte’s UK survey of 2,000 people…only one in 10 of second-screeners browse the internet for information about the shows they are watching, Deloitte found.


Gannett acquires social media marketing solutions company BLiNQ Media via PRNewswire

Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) today acquired BLiNQ Media LLC, a leading global innovator of Social Engagement Advertising(SM) solutions for agencies and brands…BLiNQ was one of the first companies to gain access to the Facebook Ads API, which allows developers to create tools and services that create, buy, and manage Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook squeaks into the No 2 spot for video viewing via Vator News

According to a report real eased by comScore’s today,  Facebook has surpassed Yahoo’s video viewing for the month of July to become the second largest video site in the U.S. after Google’s properties (including YouTube)…Google and YouTube properties still hold the biggest share of the online viewers with 157 million unique viewers for the month, this is heads above the 53 million from Facebook, 48.7 million for Yahoo, 44.8 million from Vevo and 42.7 million from Microsoft…Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to its viewers with an average of 46, while ESPN delivered an average of 26 ads per viewer.


YouTube’s Nickelodeon Killer: AwesomenessTV Launches With A-List Talent and Investors via Pando Daily

Robbins is targeting a quarter million subscribers by year’s end and half million within 12 months — at that point it will equivalent in scale to many cable networks.

Google’s Plan to Steal TV’s Election Audience via Read Write Web

 By collecting a range of sources and perspectives in a single hub on a very popular site, YouTube will break down the institutional and ideological barriers have historically existed between outlets. It sounds Quixotic, but if anyone can beat the networks at their own game, it’s the Google/YouTube colossus.


Could Apple beat Google in the TV race? via Phandroid

Google TV never took off and needs some serious work, but it seems Google has been ignoring the platform lately. In contrast, Google Fiber’s offer is impressive, but it is growing slowly (currently only available in one market). Could it be that Apple might have a better chance at this?

Here Are Apple’s Plans To Make TV A Thousand Times Better via Business Insider

Apple wants to make what amounts to a souped-up version of Apple TV that can function as a cable set-top box…Users would be able to get the entire season of a show on demand, as opposed to a few episodes the way cable companies offer now…Apple not only has to get cable companies on board with the plan, but the content providers, as well.

Apple working to simplify how we access and view TV content via Washington Post

The device is expected to have a user interface resembling the navigation icons on Apple’s iPad…Users will be able to share TV shows through services like Twitter.

Thoughts On Apple’s Latest TV Efforts via Tech Crunch

I expect the Apple TV to get a UI refresh, one which will allow users to customize the apps on their home screen, in the same way that they would an iPhone or iPad. It’s also aiming to help content owners appify the way that users discover content…it’s doubtful that the company will open up its Apple TV SDK to all comers in the same way that it did for the iPhone or iPad. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one seems to be that there are few really good TV apps out there right now…And finally, the big underlying theme here is that the actual TV that Apple has been rumored to be building for damn near forever, will remain unbuilt, at least for now.

Fantasy Apple TV via Monday Note

Having seen how Steve Jobs dominated the music distribution industry, TV studios and operators aren’t eager to let Apple hop into the driver’s seat. The major players foresee a significant drop in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) if viewers are allowed to unbundle channels, if we can go ”à la carte”, if we can point, click, and pay our way into the TV universe. The impression that Apple “destroyed” the music industry conveniently omits what pirates were doing when iTunes came onto the scene and provided a clean, well-lighted distribution channel, but the fear remains.

Apple’s Secret Weapon To Kill Ads And Dominate TV via Forbes

Could it be that the secret weapon Apple has to win the TV business is advertisement skipping technology?…Yesterday Apple was granted patent number 8,249,497 for ad skipping technology.


Twitter at the crossroads — growing up is hard to do via GigaOM

Instead of trying to fulfill its early goals of becoming an open platform or real-time information utility, Twitter started to focus more and more on its advertising partnerships and its media partnerships, driven in part by the desire to justify its estimated $8-billion market valuation…Utilities don’t make much money but media companies can, especially if the cost of creating the content they distribute is virtually zero — and especially if they control the content. And that seems to be the impetus for most of the changes that Twitter has made to restrict its API

TVGUIDE’s new iOS app: social TV for the mainstream via GigaOM

This week, the Watchlist is coming to the TV Guide iOS app, which now also features in-app links to content on iTunes, HBO Go and Hulu Plus. The Watchlist also allows users to check into shows and keep track of the episodes they’ve already seen, and there are some basic social sharing and commenting features…Instead of social activity streams, the app emphasizes TV and celebrity gossip…“News is our social feature,”

TV Guide Mobile Makes TV Simple Again with One-Stop TV Companion App via TVGuide

The centerpiece of the app is TV Guide’s already popular Watchlist feature. Users add their favorite shows, sports teams, movies and actors, and Watchlist shows when, where and how to watch — on TV, on demand, streaming and DVD.

Dear TV Obsessives, TV Guide’s New App Is Actually Pretty Great via Betabeat gets 25 million monthly unique visitors, up from 4 million since 2006…Sixty-year-old brands repositioning themselves for the internet era, we suppose, don’t have time to beat around the bush.


How TVTak is enabling social video recognition via Lost Remote

While their consumer-facing gamification app (in beta) may join a long list of GetGlue, Viggle, Miso and more, their technology and SDK is what’s especially exciting…Audio recognition takes an average of 7 to 10 seconds. TvTak provides instant gratification in one second.

OoVoo wants to bring TV viewing, gaming & dating to video chat via GigaOM

TV already plays a big role for the company. “Half of our users use it to watch TV together,” he said, adding: “We are the second screen today.”…A number of users filmed their TV screen with their phone or laptop to give friends access to shows like Mad Men when DISH dropped the show due to a retransmisson fee dispute earlier this summer, Samit said…OoVoo wants to officially add this kind of content, as well as games and dating services, later this year through collaborations with third-party providers.

‘Renewed’ app launches with TV show survival predictions
 via Lost Remote

Renewed is interesting because of its unique approach: it aims to correlate your check-ins with linear TV ratings and then give insight on if a show might or might not get renewed.

Renewed or canceled? This social TV app thinks it knows via GigaOM

“My big goal for the data is to make it available to networks and studios as another measuring tool similar to Nielsen Ratings,” …Competing with Nielsen solely based on check-in data may sound like a very ambitious proposition, but Renewed’s approach definitely shows us that new technology is going to offer new ways to measure viewership and engagement.

WhoSay aims to bring talent and fans together [interview] via Lost Remote

Comcast Ventures recently invested in WhoSay, the celebrity social media platform…WhoSay’s plans are to grow the “Direct-To-Fan” opportunities within TV over the next few years. They also already have a sales partnership with Viacom in place from earlier this year.

WWE launches first app, jumps into top 10 on iTunes via Lost Remote

WWE has recently launched their new app. iOS and Android devices will be able to use this second screen TV app that “activates during Monday Night Raw with live polls and content,”

SOCIAL TV TAKES A NEW TWIST via Publicis Digital

Boxfish could arguably direct your viewing of the main screen by drawing you toward trending topics, but also allows you to simply sit on the sideline and browse the sentiments and barometers of a nations media. Its like a giant word cloud for TV.


MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Social TV Boom Sneaks via Mashable

“These days, one of the nice things about social media is that the only barometer of a show’s popularity used to just be Nielsen ratings,” Davis says. “Now it’s great to have this new metric with social media because we can know how the show performs on one platform to another.”

Comedy Central Latin America launches social TV campaign via Rapid TV News

Comedy Central Latin America has unveiled its first 100% online and social TV media campaign to celebrate how humour is celebrated in the region.

Current TV to Turn Half the Screen Over to Twitter During Conventions via Ad Age

It’s hardly the first time a network has shown tweets on the TV screen, but none have devoted this much real estate to social media before.

Hulu Has a New Look, and It’s Beautiful via Mashable

 the thrust of new Hulu is to make it easier for users to find the “best TV moments” available while unearthing “hidden gems”


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