SocialTV Week in Review: Making Ads Relevant

This week Ad Age reported that Allstate would leverage consumer data gathered by Experian, Epsilon and AxiCom against data from Dish and DirecTV subscribers for the purpose of targeting and delivering ads strictly to renters. ‘Addressable ads’, as they are being called, are the latest implementation of big data to optimize ad spends.

In the same week Mindshare proclaimed, “Social TV heralds a new era of TV advertising where interruption and disruption is replaced by relevance and added value”. Social networks have a great ability to surface recommendations and deliver personalized content in an organic and low cost manner; that makes social data another important element in targeting consumers.

At the intersection of consumer data, set top box data and social data, ads are becoming more relevant than ever. As consumers continue to search and shop from mobile devices, location data will play a greater role as well.

Of course, digesting all these data, developing the mechanics to weigh all the variables and finally deliver the right ad, at the right time, in the right place is no easy feat. Still, the growing wealth of information we have at our disposal, to shape the creative and pinpoint the audience, makes it an exciting time for TV and advertising.

Read the rest of the Social TV news below:


Social TV By Mindshare via WPP

…despite waning interest in viewing political debate on TV, thousands of people visited social media sites to follow the convention live across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube… Social TV heralds a new era of TV advertising where interruption and disruption is replaced by relevance and added value.

The Second Screen: An Opportunity for Publishers? via Second Scream

As such, the second screen is the perfect opportunity for publishers to return their brands to viewers’ laps in the form of companion apps… Publishers have always recognised that one doesn’t have to be a broadcaster to make money from what people watch: just look at the racks of TV related titles in your local newsagents… Magazines and newspapers could unite large audiences with the television content and topics they write about through second screen apps.

New Hyperlocal Opportunities as TV Goes Social and Mobile via Street Fighting Mag

People all too often think of TV as the physical TV set, but in my opinion, TV is about programming and content — and whereand how we experience that content is up to our individual preferences. Television clearly isn’t going away. In fact, thanks to social media, mobile and location services it’s entering a new renaissance.

You and Second Screen via Createashpehre

Using a second device enables individual experience, without interference to the other viewers of the first screen… Second screen is an unprecedented information feed for advertisers and brands.

Television and online media – evolving, merging, colliding via Centro

Television is fast evolving from being a traditional vehicle of “made-for-TV” content into a vehicle for online content and media as well. “The reverse is happening too – online media is being shaped in part by television content, which helps create new online advertising platform. The genie is out of the bottle and soon we will no longer be talking about television and online media as separate things.

For conventions, TV viewing down, social media up via The Sacremento Bee

But even as conventions lose viewers on television, they are thriving online and in social media where many younger voters get their news.

Addressable TV Ads Might — Finally — Be Ready for Prime Time via Ad Age

Using addressable ads, marketers can predetermine the type of consumer who will see their commercials. In this case, Allstate is taking consumer data widely available from firms such as Experian, Epsilon and Axicom, along with subscriber information from Dish and DirecTV, and using all this to pinpoint renters. In other words, if the subscriber is a homeowner, the commercial is not supposed to appear on the TV screen… That’s because the technology involved in running the ads and monitoring their performance can vary by multichannel provider, making it difficult to deliver an addressable ad across multiple providers, from Comcast to Dish or DirecTV, and end up with a targeted national campaign at a reasonable price.

Adobe Social Launches To Create And Monitor Social Ads via TechCrunch

Adobe is launching Adobe Social, which it’s pitching as a way to connect social marketing campaigns with real business results… And it’s not just about Facebook and Twitter. Senior Product Manager Jeff Jordan says Adobe Social will deliver results for emerging social networks, too. For example, on Pinterest, it can determine which “pinned” images are leading to actual purchases… Adobe Social also allows you to create social content and applications — which can currently be published to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ — using a drag-and-drop interface. The service comes with audience targeting capabilities, plus you can look at the data to see how effective the ads and content are, and adjust accordingly.

How TV is harnessing social networks to deliver a two-screen future via TechRadar

Social TV goes deeper than just throwing up a poster for your show on Facebook and asking fans to like it… people crave a personal relationship with the content. They want to get closer to the stars, the action and the story, and that’s just what the two-screen social TV experience lets them do. Capon explained his vision of how a show begins to exist “beyond the TV schedule”. The program itself is just one part of a long timeline.


Irdeto: Unleashing content’s potential at IBC 2012 via Advanced Television

Irdeto Home Networking Security Solutions is a suite of technologies that help pay TV operators increase the value they deliver to their subscribers by securely distributing live broadcast and recorded PVR content from the STB to any device throughout the home… The Irdeto Broadband Solution provides operators and content owners with the ideal environment within which to manage, protect and monetize video content everywhere… Irdeto Intelligence helps movie and TV studios, music labels, video game and eBook publishers enforce their copyrights

Friday launch for Horizon in Holland via Broadband TV News

In two separate press events, the operator will unveil details of the long-awaited set-top and multiscreen environment that it is looking to revolutionise cable TV in the home…The Horizon box will act as a gateway to digital television, combining linear and on-demand content with personal content … This multimedia gateway will create a wireless network that connects the TV to personal devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Supported by search and recommendation features, it will integrate access to personal media content such as photos, music and movies stored in the home or in the cloud.


MTV Aims for Multitasker via WSJ

MTV’s Video Music Awards, rapper Nicki Minaj will appear in a commercial for Pepsi. At exactly the same time, anyone looking at MTV’s website or an MTV mobile application will see interactive ads for the soda maker. PepsiCo Inc.’s simultaneous commercial blanket is the result of a new type of multi-platform ad service being introduced by MTV Thursday.

Simon Staffans: Why Transmedia is a no-brainer for TV via MIPBlog

If your content evokes any sort of feelings in anyone, they will Facebook it, tweet it, blog it and talk about it. What we’re experiencing right now is a whole industry which is trying to find coherent best practices to address the challenges and opportunities that this situation brings… I think we’ll see such a volume of work that the transmedia element of a TV show will become a no-brainer. It won’t be special; it’ll be expected, and a show that doesn’t do anything will feel like it’s missing a beat.


BRIC countries showing greater appetite for Smart TV via IP&TV News

Large developing markets such as Brazil, India and China are more likely to fully exploit the capabilities of emerging connected TV platforms and services than their counterparts in developed Western markets such as the US, UK and Germany, which remain stuck in an ‘analogue’ mindset, according to a German research institute GfK… Content discovery is still believed to be more important to viewers than interaction: 33% more viewers search for information on the shows they are watching than use social networks to share the experience with friends… GfK’s findings also suggest intuitive control will be the next big growth area. They found that 67% are interested in touch and gesture TV control and 43% want to control their TV using something other than the traditional remote control.

For 18-34s, Social Media Can Jump-Start TV Viewing via MediaPost

The study says 24% of 18- to-34-year-old adults and 30% of 15- to-17-year-olds have started watching a show on TV because of something they saw online or through social media. All this compares to a 16% for all adult viewers 18 years and older… Adriana Waterston, vice presient of marketing and business development for Horowitz Associates, says that in the social media environment, “consumers do not want to feel ‘marketed to’ or manipulated.  A successful social media or interactive strategy must feel genuine, not fabricated.”


IBM jumps into the second screen for US Open Tennis via Lost Remote

Brands are now as equally invested in trying new things as the networks. With second screen competition heating up, it will be Shazam’s precedent of brand partnerships that others will need to top to thrive in the market.

Advertisers Join the Social Video App Showyou via NY Times

OMD, the media planning and buying agency that is a unit of the Omnicom Media Group, part of the Omnicom Group, is to announce a partnership with the video platform Showyou that will allow advertisers to show users video ads alongside other video content… “There is fatigue with traditional banner ads,” Mr. Gilvar said. “People are voting with their time and attention, and they only give their time and attention to things that are worth consuming.”

Brands test social TV apps via Warc

Julie Channing, director of global digital marketing for Levi Strauss, told the New York Times that this move formed part of a broader effort by the company to create engaging and original content for the internet. “We thought this was a great way for us to not only test a video platform but also find out what stories our viewers find more interesting and worthy,” she said.


Why I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter via GigaOM

I hate that Twitter seems to be trying very hard to become a broadcast network, and to be best friends with TV networks. I know the company has to make money if it is to continue to grow, but I don’t need new ways to find out what is on television. It might be selfish, but I liked it when Twitter seemed to care more about helping people spread the news about revolutions in Egypt than helping drive eyeballs to prime-time TV shows.


YouTube movie rentals are coming to connected TVs via GigaOM

YouTube is going to launch VOD-style movie rentals on TVs and connected devices later this year… YouTube added rentals to its Google TV app earlier this summer, but hasn’t made VOD available on any other TV platform before. YouTube movie rentals on Google TV have also been limited to the U.S. market.


An App for Couch Potatoes With Places to Go via NYTimes

Last summer, eight of the 10 shows most flagged by viewers, like Fox’s “New Girl” and ABC’s “Revenge,” were later picked up for a full season. “If this viewer interest is an indicator of success, that could change how networks evaluate renewing shows, and where marketers decide to place their money,” Ms. Tanner said.

Meet The Woman Determined To Create ‘The Next TV Guide’ (Hint: It’s TVGuide Mobile) via Forbes

Profitable, ad-supported business model: We’ve sold over 100 social sponsorships of the Watchlist and check in in 18 months, adding several million dollars to our bottom line. Obviously we’ve sold dozens of additional sponsorships and integrations as well.

An awesome contextual app for iPad and social software arrives: NextGuide, future of TV Guides via Scobleizer

This hooks up to Facebook and Twitter to bring a beautiful, customized TV guide to you. It’s yet another example of contextual software — one that brings you better experiences the more you tell the Internet about you.

Dijit’s new NextGuide tries to reinvent the TV guide on the iPad via GigaOM

NextGuide squarely focuses on content recommendations. The app pulls in social data from Facebook and recommends content to you in a variety of channels, with the ability to add and customize the channels you’re interested in most, and even combine various filters.

Freesat turbocharges its next-gen boxes via IP&TV News

Freesat, the UK’s free-to-air digital satellite television provider, has launched a new smart on-screen TV guide for its next-generation Freesat+ boxes, offering a wealth of new features including catch-up TV, a backwards TV guide, a curated recommendations section and improved recordings… “The real opportunity for Social TV and IP is – how do you improve and add to that broadcast experience. And the real richness that social media interactions around TV viewing brings comes when you are able to do it on a second screen, not when you are disrupting the main TV viewing experience – particularly when you are watching with other people


One Comment on “SocialTV Week in Review: Making Ads Relevant”

  1. Georgia Gibbs says:

    As to making ads relevant, it is a slippery path we have taken. The notion of advertisers sifting through my private moments to ensure delivery of a relevant ad is uncomfortable. But that my world is being engineered specifically for my pleasure; this ability should be giving us all night terrors.

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