Social TV Week in Review: Times Are A Changin’

If you’re tuned in to the TV space there are a lot of great things to watch. More and more, networks are releasing their shows early or exclusively via online platforms (The Mindy Project on Hulu, Ben and Kate on Facebook, Smash on iTunes, Suit Up on Yahoo!, Raising Hope on Twitter etc.). Á la Alan Wurtzel’s ‘billion-dollar Olympic experiment’, many are betting that the online buzz from the type A viewer will drive ratings around linear debuts. It’s an interesting new delivery model that has networks testing their limits in the digital age.

The traditional networks aren’t the only ones experimenting…

Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, even Xbox and Nintendo, are all looking to create their own content and move it across their own channels. When Netflix launched Lilly Hammer they didn’t just release a single episode premiere, they dumped the entire season online, all in one go. Companies like Netflix don’t have to play by the same rules as ad supported networks, nor do they have to mimic subscription cable services such as HBO.

It doesn’t stop at delivery…

As new players enter the space, they continue to shake up the establishment at all levels. YouTube’s director of product management, Shiva Rajaraman, suggests the 15 or 30-second spot is an anachronism of traditional TV. Branded content? Incentivized engagement? – are these the tools of the new marketer?

Apps are fanning the flames…

According to Adweek a new app called Matcha, “has already partnered with Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Comcast’s Xfinity to provide users with access to 200,000 movie and TV titles they can elect to watch on the big screen or in some cases within the app itself”. When the networks and larger companies leave consumers wanting more, nimble start-ups rush to fill the gaps. Second screen experiences are moving beyond check-ins and sharing, to now offering discovery, recommendation, personalization and even their own original content.

For more of the latest and greatest news, keep reading! 


Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard via HBR

In contrast to this abundant data, insights are relatively rare. Insights here are defined as actionable, data-driven findings that create business value. They are entirely different beasts from raw data. Delivering them requires different people, technology, and skills — specifically including deep domain knowledge. And they’re hard to build…Consider that improving Netflix’s recommendation-engine accuracy by about 10% proved so challenging that only two teams — of tens of thousands from over 180 countries competing for the $1 million prize — were able to hit the goal. Or that, despite significant work to improve online display ad targeting, the average clickthrough rate (and, by implication, relevance) still remains so low that display ads on average receive only one click for every 1,000 views.

The Future of Storytelling: A Participatory Endeavor via Nieman Reports

V. Michael Bove, Jr., a principal research scientist, leads a number of initiatives at the lab including the Center for Future Storytelling… one of three codirectors of the center, talked about television viewers as directors and media consumers as collaborators… Connectivity is a given, just as are richer user interfaces and offering more context. The best way to deal with an onslaught of information is to have the system figure out what’s appropriate for you. No one really needs 1,000 television channels.

Nielsen: There Is Room For Rivals’ Data via MediaPost

Rentrak CEO Bill Livek has been saying for years the TV measurement market offers an opportunity for both its system and the entrenched Nielsen ratings to succeed. Now, apparently Nielsen agrees. Rentrak has signed many local stations to use its products, based on set-top-box (STB) data, which it says can complement the “sample currency” Nielsen propagates.

Getting Social With Your Favorite TV Characters via Brittany Berger

I’m loving that characters are starting to join us on social media! So far, it seems like social accounts are usually created for the main character only. Hopefully, their friends and family will begin to join them.

Social TV Advertising And Monetization Elements via Blog

The bottom line is that when we talk about digital socialization around television, there is a gap of information as to how we can commercialize emerging TV formats….Real time sharing of information often creates real world monetization…social media, greatly extends the reach of any form of communication….This is one of the greatest powers of Social TV. Audience driving. With the wealth of potential programming for viewers to watch however, we need strategies to create the highest levels of socialization and separate from the rest of the pack.

How ad agencies are a bottleneck in the video economy via paidContent

YouTube’s director of product management, Shiva Rajaraman, summed up the situation at this week’s Mobilize conference. Rajaraman explained that many conventional constrains of video advertising — especially the 15 or 30 second time limits — are artificial and dictated by the strictures of traditional TV. But in the online digital environment, many of those conventions don’t apply and there is endless opportunity for new types of creative ads.

How TV and Film Industries Are Adapting Online via The Content Strategist

Before “Bachelorette,” a comedy starring Kirsten Dunst was released in theaters, it came out on iTunes. The movie premiered Aug. 10 on the platform, nearly one month before appearing on the big screen…In August, Hulu premiered Mindy Kaling’s new show, ”The Mindy Project,” before FOX aired Sept. 25. “Ben and Kate,” another FOX show, was streamed on Facebook and Hulu before its premiere. NBC showed the pilots for “The New Normal” and “Revolution” on Hulu, Amazon Video, and iTunes to pump up anticipation for the official debuts…“By putting the pilot episodes online, they can gauge whether their investment is worthwhile,” he says. “Networks can tell whether a show is doing well based on the unique visitors to the video and the activity that the comments page is attracting.” And producers of these shows can gauge “whether a show is fully promising or needs some adjustment” based on YouTube comments.

Brands: How TV continues impacting digital via BizReport

According to new data out from Convertro television continues impacting not only traffic to branded and non-branded sites, but it is also pushing up clicks – and thereby revenue.

More Are Watching Internet Video on Actual TVs, Research Shows via NYTimes

More people are now watching Internet video — everything from cat videos to streaming prime-time shows — on big-screen televisions than on computers, according to a new report from the NPD Group, a market research company…The report did not give details about mobile devices, only personal computers. But the firm found that the number of people who report that their home television is the primary screen for watching paid and free Internet video has increased to 45 percent, up from 33 percent a year earlier.


Social TV Check-in’s: A Metric With Measly Market Merit via TDG Research

Though Nielsen-like TV viewership metrics are far from perfect, they are the industry-recognized standard by which programs are objectively valued and monetized. Social TV check-ins, on the other hand, have no such objective value (except in the mind of their purveyors). To some, sTV check-in metrics are interesting, but there is no way around the fact they represent but a minute number of viewers and even then it is uncertain what this “metric” tells us about these consumers…When it comes to social TV applications, the hype is both deafening and dangerous, as it can prop up apps with little or no value while drowning out apps that may actually resonate with consumers and stand a chance of success.

AdAge Follows with Its Own Swipe at Social TV Metrics via TDG Research

TDG is set to publish two new reports on social TV users, the first offering a cursory segmentation of social TV users; separating them into Talkers (those that use social networks like Twitter or instant messaging to communicate with others about the programs they are actively viewing) and Engagers (those that use synch applications that encourage the viewer to interact directly with the content via a second screen).


110 Trending Topics in 5 Hours: How WWE Wrestlemania Body-Slammed Social Media via Mashable

Behind strong pushes on Twitter and YouTube, WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII laid the smack down on social media last weekend, teaching a digital engagement lesson to the sports entertainment world.

The CW Embeds a Live Twitter Feed Inside Its ‘EW’ Print Ad via Ad Week

To promote its fall lineup, the CW is putting LCD screens running video clips and a live Twitter feed—tweets by and mentions of @CW_Network—in copies of Entertainment Weekly‘s Oct. 5 issue.

CBS introduces ‘Tweet Week’ to launch fall shows via Digital Trends

It’s interesting to see CBS pushing social media promotion of its new shows so heavily, considering it has traditionally been seen as the oldest-skewing of all the broadcast networks with its steady diet of procedurals and “safe” comedies. The combination of this network and Twitter can either be looked at as a case of CBS trying to get in touch with a younger demographic – or, alternatively, a sign that Twitter and Facebook are now firmly mainstream enough that their own demographics are shifting upwards in age.

FOX & trueAnthem to Measure Social Sharing of Digital TV Content via Talk TV World

Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) and trueAnthem announced today a research and technology partnership focused on tracking the social sharing of FOX’s digital television content and measuring its social influence…“Social TV is a key priority for FOX, and in order to drive social conversation with our viewers, it’s critical that we understand the way they interact with our content,” said Melva Benoit, SVP Audience Intelligence and Research Strategy for FOX.

Fox Tracks Social Media-TV Interaction via Media Post

Fox says “it marks the first time a broadcast network has invested significant resources in capturing the value of earned media.”

Syfy Guy Craig Engler on the net’s devoted via Ad Week

A passionate fan base that does some of the heavy lifting for marketing is a godsend for any network, whether it skews male or female. To be sure, Engler and Syfy are looking for more ways to monetize that consumer desire for total immersion.

INTERVIEW: MTV UK’s digital media VP on the second screen via StrategyEye Digital Media

MTV UK’s digital media VP, Dan Patton, explains how the channel has put social TV at the heart of what it does… Social media in all its impacts and on every platform is probably the biggest trend, along with mobile and the mobile-first movement. Everyone from Google to Adobe to Facebook is putting mobile at the heart of their product strategies and there’s very much a synchronicity between mobile and social.

Meet the team that created HBO GO via Lost Remote

Sharing is still the biggest potential driver of viewing and ratings. Anytime we can build sharing tools directly into content, we see users immediately take advantage of that convenience to share more, which brings their friends into the show…Multitasking is basically the default context of use these days and there’s a real hunger for complementary content and tools.

Showtime’s second screen iPad app hits 2.0, goes from Social to Sync via Engadget

Now dubbed Showtime Sync, it follows other network branded apps (AMC, MTV, NBC and Syfy come to mind) by focusing on pushing relevant content, viewer polls and the like to the tablet while the show plays.

Viacom: “We see OTT as an opportunity to significantly amplify conversations” via IP&TV News

Each of the Viacom brands engages in a constant dialogue with our audiences through multiple platforms, which informs our content and the way we extend viewing experiences across social media…we’re focused on providing the ‘power to participate’ and provide a seamless link between content on devices and content on the screen…We see OTT as an opportunity to significantly amplify conversations as well as audience connections around content…For a company like Viacom, our brands, shows and stars are living at the intersection of entertainment and social media. Developing new ways to boost engagement levels is a key element of our focus, and to do this effectively we are constantly in touch with how our audience’s tech habits are evolving.


Twitter CEO: You’ll Be Able To Download All Of Your Tweets By The End Of The Year via Media Bistro

The ability to download and archive tweets is something that a few third-party developers have been working on, which might mean a headache for them when Twitter rolls out their official version of this feature.

Fall TV: Must-See Tweets via Twitter

We’ve created a Discover page to help you find & follow your favorite TV stars from this week’s premieres

Using Twitter to Promote the Fall TV Season via NY Times

To showcase its new fall season, the CW network will use Twitter as a platform to preview the season premiere of the show “Emily Owens, M.D.”… And if someone posts saying they don’t like the show or the network? “To me that’s what starts the dialogue,” Mr. Haskins said. “We will not editorialize that out. We no longer own our brand. The consumer owns the brand and the more people that embrace that and entertain it, the stronger the brand is going to be with their audience.”

The Primetime Emmys: Tweeting Along via Twitter Blog

Twitter TV has curated all of the must-follow Emmy accounts  that includes nominees, top shows, live-tweeters, and more. In addition to the complete list, viewers can follow our Live-Tweeting Cast to get an inside peek at their experiences from the Red Carpet, in the audience and in some cases, from their own home.

Twitter Airs Entire TV Episode A Week Before Its Broadcast Date via Fast Company

Fox TV has teamed up with Twitter to show the season premiere of one of its shows in its entirety a week before its broadcast date. The first episode of the third season of Raising Hope is available now until 11.59 p.m. on Thursday, and it will be shown on TV for the first time on October 2.

Twitter to debut Fox series before TV premiere via Variety

The integration is part of a broader Fox ad buy on Twitter, but more significantly, a furthering of Twitter’s already close alignment with the medium. Fred Graver, head of TV at Twitter, is looking to establish the company as more than just a second-screen companion while a show airs…Enhancing Twitter with exhibition features, however, could help drive advertising revenue beyond text-only features like “Promoted Tweets.” That possibility blurs the line between partner and competitor for Twitter and media companies like Fox, which may not mind letting its content be shown outside of its own real estate as long as it helps drive consumers back to its own properties.


Sky integrates Zeebox’s second-screen platform in its Sky+ iPad app, makes TV more social via TNW

Sky+ iPad users now have the option to learn more about the shows in their TV guides, connecting to Zeebox’s platform to deliver that data…With Zeebox, Sky hopes that not only will users utilise the app to browse, select and record their favourite shows, they will also use it to interact with people across the UK via social networks and find more information and media content associated with them.

NBCU, Comcast buy in to Zeebox to take ‘second screen’ to prime time via paidContent

Zeebox app and website uses automated content recognition and publicly-available content to accompany all TV shows with social discussion, live hyperlinks to information about on-screen dialogue, a program guide, co-viewing with friends and an open, modular space for broadcasters to deliver interactive adjuncts to their own productions. It can also make tablets and smartphones act as remote controls…it is its OpenBox platform, with which producers can make HTML-based voting, competition or other modules to accompany their own shows, that most piques broadcasters’ interest.

Comcast and NBC Put Money, Marketing Into a Social TV App: Zeebox Lands in the U.S. via All Things D

So all of that is a big deal if you’re in the second-screen industry, because it means a very big TV player is trying to king-make a service, and that will end up freezing out other contenders…But the problem with Zeebox, like every other social TV app, is that it seems designed around a business problem — how can we get people to stay with our shows longer or hang out on our service? — instead of consumer problems.

Comcast, NBC Invest In Zeebox App To Help Create A ‘Second Screen’ Experience via Huffington Post

Comcast is hoping that TV networks will converge around one app. That would make it easier to tap into large online audiences all at once and reduce viewer confusion about where to go if they want to engage with a show online. “What the industry really needs is a nationwide platform,” said Sam Schwartz, president of Comcast’s converged products division.

Why HBO, NBC, and Comcast Are Betting On A Startup To Power Their Second Screens via Fast Company

Unlike Shazam, it will share revenue from enhanced commercials with all broadcasters…Zeebox has also invented television’s first form of keyword advertising by pulling important terms from shows’ closed captioning data as they air. Users can click on each term within the app to see more information about it. Zeebox plans to sell sponsored versions of the terms the same way Google sells promoted links in your search results. For HBO, which relies on subscriptions rather than advertising, Zeebox could provide an incentive for watching programming on cable rather than through iTunes or your parent’s HBO Go account.


Discovery App Looks to Own TV Experience via Adweek

The war for control of the TV screen, specifically the battle over which company or companies will own the user interface—and by default, the relationship with the average viewer—has only just begun…Matcha has already partnered with Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Comcast’s Xfinity to provide users with access to 200,000 movie and TV titles they can elect to watch on the big screen or in some cases within the app itself. And now the company is set to announce similar pacts with HBO Go, Max Go (Cinemax), as well as Turner (apps for TNT and TBS). The plan is to partner with every important network and cable player under the sun, said Guy Piekarz, Matcha’s founder and CEO, who is betting on a future where apps rule TV.

GetGlue Redesigns Site to Be a Personalized Viewing Guide via Mashable

Social entertainment platform GetGlue on Monday revealed its redesigned website, which transforms from just a check-in service into a personalized viewing guide for TV, movies and sports. The makeover mirrors GetGlue HD, the company’s second-screen experience on iPad that launched in August.

A Win-Win for Paul Allen’s Seahawks and a Sports Start-Up via NYTimes

SportsStream’s game feeds are far easier to digest than simply searching on game-related hashtags, the tagging system Twitter users employ so that others can find thematically related Tweets. After a big play, vast numbers of fans can flood Twitter with the same hashtag, making it difficult to sift through all the posts to find the best commentators.

Stevie brings MTV-style social video curation to the iPad via GigaOM

Plenty of people are trying really hard to make online video more like TV. Israel-based web video curation startup Stevie is a little more specific about its goal: It wants online video to look like a hit show on MTV, back when MTV was still groundbreaking.

‘We don’t think connected TV will prevail’ predicts Shazam via The Drum

Doubts over the success of using social media through connected TVs have been expressed by Miles Lewis, the vice president of EU advertising for TV advertising app Shazam.

OTHER CO’s: TVGUIDE, WITSTREAM, MASS RELEVANCE, SOCIAL SAMBA, SYNACOR, NINTENDO TVii launches comedy partnership with WitStream for Emmys via Lost Remote has launched a partnership with WitStream, a social comedy platform, to provide extra compelling content for their red carpet coverage on their website only (for the time being).

TV Networks Looking To Curate A Social Experience For Viewers via Business 2 Community

The first Mass Relevance client to use Product Studio, Fox Sports, have their eyes set on enhancing and curating the social experience for viewers.

SocialSamba’s Aaron Williams on Hashtag Killer and why you might want to friend those guys on “Psych” via Deep Medai

When we showed them how SocialSamba scripts a Saga, plays it back for each fan whenever the fan wants it, personalizes it with the characters treating the fan like a friend and calling them by name, and includes the interactive elements like a choose-your-own-adventure, I think they realized how much more could be done.

Synacor adds social login capabilities to TV Everywhere authentication via Lost Remote

This solution offers easy access to online pay-TV content through a subscriber’s favorite social accounts, offering an additional way to access content outside of traditional methods, while securely still authorizing a subscriber for the pay-TV content that they’re entitled to.

Here’s the company behind Nintendo TVii (spoilers: it’s not Nintendo) via Engadget

[Brad] Pelo is CEO of i.TV — a “social television and second screen technology company” that’s worked with everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Engadget parent company AOL — and he’s the man responsible for Nintendo TVii.


YouTube Expands Translation Tools For Video Captions To 300+ Languages via TechCrunch

As 70 percent of YouTube viewers are now outside of the U.S., says Google, being able to more easily reach international audiences is becoming increasingly important for video creators (but also for YouTube itself) and these tools are meant to help YouTube’s videographers reach this audience.

Endemol: “African broadcasters are in the early adoption phase of cross-platform broadcasting” via IP&TV News

Endemol  has recently produced new shows for Cameroon, Ghana, Ruanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania, in addition to Kenya Nigeria and South Africa. Each of the shows features cross-platform opportunities on both mobile and television.

10 Ways to get the social and TV Chemistry right via Digital Edge

In the Indian social media chapter people want to get more involved with the shows and the characters. If you look back you will find almost every popular charcter has a exclusive facebook page and a twitter handle. Social Media brings the tv characters to life. It’s like parallely running a tv show after the show is aired. And the cherry on the cake, people always want to talk to their favourite characters.

Social TV Comes To China: Teams With Samsung, Haier, Hisense via China Tech News

Chinese social networking site recently published its software client for smart TV, which will be pre-installed on smart TV products manufactured by Samsung, Haier, and Hisense…Smart TV features clear screen, larger browsing interface, and better visual effects. Users can not only operate the smart TV interface with an interactive remote control, but also can realize the operations by connecting it with their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

UPC launch TV Buzz – First Social Television App in Ireland via Click Online

UPC, Ireland’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications, has today unveiled Ireland’s first Social TV application, TV Buzz. TV Buzz is a free web based service, open to everyone, which allows people to talk about their favourite television programmes through a dedicated social channel.


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