Social TV Week in Review: News Recap

The news this week…


Zen and the art of disrupting TV via Venture Beat

Television has been the Holy Grail for innovators. Its near universality and the potential for billions in ad revenues have tempted many. There is renewed activity in the TV space. Twitter head Dick Costolo has talked about Twitter’s future being a second-screen experience. Boxee just announced a new set-top box that incorporates a cloud DVR. Amazon’s new Kindle Fires are designed for video… Here are eight companies that have changed TV the most, in order of the degree of impact… As Mark Cuban (an early pioneer in online video and founder of HDNet) said, “The future of TV is … TV.”… But that doesn’t mean we can’t improve parts of the experience. There’s plenty of room for improvement.

The Afterlife Of A TV Episode: It’s Complicated via NPR

…says media analyst James McQuivey. “Every one of these local markets is saying, ‘Well, those reruns aren’t worth anything to me if they’re suddenly all available on Netflix,’ ” he says. “And so the owner of the program says, ‘Hmm, how do we make sure Netflix maybe gets one season?’ ” Hulu gets half of a season of House, and Amazon and iTunes get the show on demand, but only at a certain price. And while broadcast syndication is important, cable reruns are even more important. “The biggest single source of revenue for the video business is cable,” McQuivey says. “That’s the biggest single source of revenue where they can point and say, ‘Those cable companies, they’re footing the bill.’ ” So when it comes to House, NBC Universal will do what it takes to keep cable networks happy, he says… I asked analyst James McQuivey when the studios will give us legal ways to watch House anywhere, anytime on any screen.”That’s at least five years away,” he says, “because the owners of House are going to do everything they can to prevent that.”

New iPad Mini means more screens in front of TVs via Lost Remote

In many ways, we can thank Apple for popularizing the second screen. To date, 100 million iPads have been sold in just over two years, accounting for 91% of all tablet web traffic… Despite the $329 price tag, the new iPad Mini will only increase tablet adoption. Meanwhile, the $199 Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD — both capable competitors — will continue to sell in the lower price category.

Social media collects the buzz around new TV series via USA Today

Activity replaces an old measure of audience interest: “It’s sort of the new water cooler, in the respect that people say, ‘Did you see that?,'” says Brian Hughes, senior VP at ad firm Magna Global Intelligence.

Do Multiscreen Experiences Fragment Attention, or Focus It? via Rebecca Lieb

Do all these screens, and all this activity, fragment attention? Sure. But there are growing indications that multiscreen experiences fragment attention within the context of the debate or program in question. Early research indicates this multiscreen experience is additive rather than reductive (as a digital video executive put it to me yesterday).  More screens and more channels intensify rather than diminish attention and concentration on the program in question.

Social Advertising Formats – Social TV Monetization Part 3 via Blog

By the very nature of socialization, advertising spots on television can very easily shift between paid and earned media in the ‘paid-earned-owned’ equation. Ad spots can also become “multiscreen” placements quite simply without much further work on behalf of content creators/providers. This is the reason we see so many simple hashtags appearing on ad spots and the increase in social analytics coming into play for TV spots across the board.

Smart TV and multi-screen advertising whitepaper reveals possibilities of increased viewer engagement with advertisers via Lost Remote

The major concern among many advertisers and brands is assessing the true scale and reach of Smart TVs. While shipments are increasing, accurate figures as to how many people connect and engage on these devices remain limited…Whatever the case, as Dietrich von Behren, VP of Digital Media & Investments at A&E Television Networks, puts it, ‘there’s tremendous opportunity ahead and early-adopters are going to have an advantage.’


Four in Ten Use “Social TV” Apps During Television Viewing via TDG Research

Aside from changing the essence of one’s “personal TV experience,” Greeson notes that social TV is subtly working its way into long-standing business models, in particular those relating to advertising, subscription services, and on-demand applications. “The real-time interaction of consumers with the TV program itself, not to mention other viewers, provides broadcasters with the opportunity to identify and market to finely filtered consumer segments with highly curated offerings.”

The New Era of Social TV via EContent Magazine

But the main reason Social TV took off in 2012 the widespread penetration of smartphone technology. Nielsen now estimates that smartphone adoption in the U.S. has reached over half of the mobile phone population. Moreover, according to research from app developer Flurry, the U.S. population is far from being alone in its mass adoption of these devices… The good news is that, far from being a distraction for consumers, social media usage in tandem with TV viewing actually makes consumers more attentive to the program they’re watching. A recent study by the Time Warner Research Council showed that connecting with friends on social networks via mobile devices or PC while watching TV actually increases engagement with the TV show. Other research from the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement has shown that the three screens actually work together in synergy to augment consumer engagement with brands and social media is the link driving that synergy.


CBS, Yahoo Announce omg! INSIDER Syndicated Newsmagazine via TV Talk World

CBS Television Distribution and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) today announced a deal that combines the broadcasting power of THE INSIDER with the online reach of Yahoo!. As part of the deal, CTD’s syndicated entertainment newsmagazine THE INSIDER will be renamed omg! Insider in January 2013 to create a multiplatform entertainment news series… omg! Insider will be a true web and on-air collaboration that aims to reinvent how consumers access entertainment news across screens.

A Second Screen You Can’t Not Watch: Bravo’s “Play Live” Adds Polls, Games to All Its Shows via All Things D

Starting next month, with the new season of its “Watch What Happens Live” gabfest, Bravo will start overlaying its new programing with its homegrown* “Play Live” technology. What that means: Viewers will see polls, contests and other interactive games and graphics that pop up on-screen throughout the show. They’ll be able to participate in real time, via a Web broswer, and on-screen results will change, based on viewers’ input.

“So You Think You Can Dance” by asking the audience to clap via Blog

Nelonen Media involves viewers of the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” by enabling them to cheer for their favourite contestant by ‘clapping’ on the designated second screen site. The user can clap as many times as they can during “Dance for your life” -section for their favourite dancer. The Second Screen voting site (created by Wunderkraut) is sponsored by Samsung, and includes an entry form to win a weekly prize.

Reddit-Powered Travel Show Premieres on YouTube via Mashable

Zach Anner’s Reddit-powered cross-country road trip is complete, and finally premiering on YouTube…With help from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Anner and his friends traveled to six cities, suggested by the Reddit community: Montreal, Boston, Baltimore, Blacksburg, Va., Savannah, New Orleans, Denver and Vancouver. After selecting the itinerary, the team sought out local redditors to give their take on each city… The new series, which is hosted on YouTube, already has more than two million views and 25,000 subscribers. Anner will host a Reddit AMA on Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST to kick it off.

More ways to experience the #LynnDebate via Twitter Blog

While our daily Twitter Political Index scores measure the sentiment of Tweets, our enhanced dashboard, designed for web and mobile viewing, shows the topics that are driving the discussion. The dashboard is segmented to highlight the issues at the forefront of this election cycle (the economy, immigration, healthcare, and so on), as well as hot topics that are currently generating discussion (Benghazi, pay equality).

Intel rewards entertainment fans with mobile check-in sweepstakes via Mobile Marketer

Intel is giving entertainment buffs a chance to win prizes in exchange for interacting with content and watching their favorite television shows…One of the biggest problems with TV companion apps and check-in campaigns is that many do not give users a clear value for using them. However, tying a user’s check-in with virtual rewards and a sweepstakes gives users an incentive for using their mobile devices.


Why TV Ads Are Out and Online Video Is the Future via Mashable

But what if there were more cost-efficient opportunities to gain the same mass reach and impact afforded by TV, without the massive price tag?… No one can doubt the mass reach that television enables, but the truth is the online channel is now beginning to offer that same level of audience reach, but with arguably better engagement. And almost always at a more affordable price point.

How YouTube wants to be like TV via The End of Television

YouTube recently introduced YouTube TV, a new version of their leanback version of the popular online video site specially designed for the big screen in the living room. The interface makes it easy to scroll through video’s and removes all the distraction that is present on the regular site such as ratings, comments, and banners. When you follow curated YouTube channels you can easily browse through the latest video and find recommended content… The most unique functionality as a results from the update is the ability to control the interface from your mobile device.

BII REPORT: The State of Mobile Video via Business Insider

Mobile video is quickly becoming a mass consumer phenomenon, much as digital photos were earlier in the smartphone adoption cycle… Mobile offers new opportunities for video viewing, as smartphones and tablets offer options in terms of both when and where content can be viewed.This plays perfectly into the increasing trend of consumers accessing more and more content on the go and on demand…  Over the last two years, the U.S. mobile video audience increased 77% to 36 million viewers. The second-fastest growing category, the audience for time-shifted TV, grew 54% to 146 million.

Netflix Says Amazon Is Gaining and HBO Is Coming via All Things D

But if things are tough for Netflix how, they’re only going to get tougher. The company used to have the Web home video market more or less to itself, and now it doesn’t. It’s facing competition from Amazon, Hulu and the cable companies, and is about to start fighting a joint venture between Redbox and Verizon… For the first time, Amazon appears to be making headway against Netflix with its digital offering… Netflix doesn’t believe HBO and Time Warner executives when they say they’re not going to sell a Web-only offering. They expect to compete directly with the pay channel, via an a la carte Web offering, in the U.S.


Twitter Has Become the New TV Guide — Now Can It Offer New TV Rating? via Ad Age

Mr. Graver, whose career highlights include writing for Letterman, creating “Best Week Ever” for VH1 and, most recently, leading programming and development at Travel Channel, has been at Twitter just shy of 120 days. At the event, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, he shared first impressions (“the company is incredibly well run”); how he realized Twitter is a technology, not a media, company; his goal for his job (for people to say “the hour I spend with TV and Twitter makes my life better”); and one of his big questions — whether the data Twitter generates can build a new TV rating.

Chirp Guide sets to create TV style structure for live tweeted events via Lost Remote

Chirp Guide recently launched an interesting new startup that’s actually taking best practices from TV programming and scheduling and bringing them to the confusing world of hashtags and live tweeted events… They’re “relying on the community to find, register and recommend live-tweeting that matters most to its users, Chirp Guide is the solution for making live-tweeters and tweeted events discoverable, sortable and searchable.”

Discovery App Looks to Own TV Experience via Ad Week

The war for control of the TV screen, specifically the battle over which company or companies will own the user interface—and by default, the relationship with the average viewer—has only just begun. Whether the ultimate winner is a cable company, a TV manufacturer, Apple, Amazon, Xbox, Hulu, Roku or somebody else, pretty much everyone agrees that TV is getting messy… A startup called Matcha thinks it has a pretty good shot. The company built an iPad app designed to serve as the ultimate TV companion. Through a growing slate of partnerships, Matcha allows users to sift through all the TV shows they might have at their disposal in one screen. It also offers a recommendation engine, social TV elements, and supplementary content from the likes of IMDB and… According to Piekarz, “in five to 10 years there will probably be no set-top boxes, and the DVR will die.” In its place, users will be able to call up whatever show they want from their cable or over-the-top providers’s massive databases.

Boxfish debuts innovative live TV guide on iPhone via Lost Remote

Boxfish has brought something new to the table: a TV guide app with real-time search and “live windows” to let you catch a glimpse of what’s airing in real-time. Or to hear the company explain it, “[Boxfish] transforms television from a passive entertainment medium into a truly dynamic source of real-time information.”… What’s even more interesting is Boxfish’s aspiration to extend its technology across platforms, from set top boxes to gaming consoles to third-party apps.

Invoke debuts biplane at Merging Media 2012 BiZ HuB via invoke

If you’ve followed our posts, you’ll know that apart from investing a lot of time and effort into designing digital solutions, we’re equally big on great storytelling. With the development of our second screen product, biplane, we’ve delved deeper into ways we can best serve some of today’s greatest storytellers in film and television.

TV Guide Embraces Social for Anytime, Not Just Real-Time, TV Discovery via Clickz

 “Social is changing the business in ways we never anticipated,” said Christy Tanner, executive vice president and general manager at and TV Guide Mobile. “It’s also a weird time to be in TV because it’s changing so fast. We don’t really know what’s next,” she said.


Xbox Live removes Facebook & Twitter apps you weren’t using via Venture Beat

Microsoft said it removed both the Facebook and Twitter apps in the latest update to the Xbox Live dashboard to streamline the media center’s overall functionality. The company didn’t mention when or if the social apps would reappear in the future.

How Playcast is changing gaming on TV via Lost Remote

Playcast “licenses streaming rights from all of the world’s major game publishers” and “ partners with cable, IP and ‘over-the-top’ TV network operators to deliver these games directly to subscriber’s home.” They’re currently licensing games from all the major publishers and are redefining the relationship between TV and gaming.


Channel 4 signs deal with social TV start up SecondSync via Channel 4

Channel 4 today announced it has engaged the services of Bristol and London-based Social TV analytics company, SecondSync, to enrich insights into the fast growing trend of TV audiences commenting on what they’re watching on TV, using social media channels.

the longest day: how is now powering RAI #socialtv via Davide Palmisano

tonight a first #socialtv experiment on (the italian public broadcaster web channel) will take place. Android, iOS and traditional Web applications will act as second screens during a quite popular TV series.


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